About Elizabeth

So you want to know a little bit about me…
My name is Elizabeth Boston and I live in a small town in southern Maine, USA.

I am 59 years old and have been married to my husband Paul since 1981.

We have four grown children, two daughters and two sons. We also have 7 wonderful grandchildren.

You will probably “meet” some of my children and grandchildren here on my website from time to time. I have pictures of my daughters in their wedding dresses that I custom tailored just for them.

Our family also includes two dogs at the moment, a yellow lab named Molly and a rescue dog named Zena.

I can probably give you a look at who I am by telling you of the great loves in my life…

  • My first love is God. He has been a part of my life since I was a child.
  • My second love is my family. They are a gift from God, and I love being a wife, mother, & grandmother!
  • My third love is sewing. I taught myself to sew when I was 18. There is more about my sewing below.
  • My fourth love is computers and technology. I love to teach others about computers and I love to play with my gadgets like my iPhone and iPad.

My very first sewing machine was given to my by my grandmother when I was 18 and had just gotten married. It is a very special machine because it was one that she had made clothes for my father on. The sewing machine is an old black Singer that at some point had been converted from a treadle to an electric. Instead of a foot control, the control was built into the table and you pushed it with your knee. That came in handy when I had young children as they could not figure out how I made the machine go. The Singer only had a straight stitch and no reverse. I quickly became good at turning the fabric at the end of a seam to backstitch.

I still have that machine. I still use it from time to time and will keep it for sentimental reasons.

I taught myself to sew on the old black Singer machine that my grandmother gave me. I’m pretty sure the first thing I did was take apart a clothespin bag that looked like a little dress on a hanger and made clothespin bags for Christmas gifts that year.

The next project I agreed to undertake was to make three unique bridesmaid dresses for a wedding I was going to be in! How is that for jumping right in to deep water? Those dresses were made of a slippery knit fabric and I learned a lot sewing them. Two of the bridesmaids, myself and another girl, were pregnant at the time of the wedding. I with my first child, and she was having twins! I’m sure that the seams on those dresses were a little messy and not very straight, but the maternity bridesmaid dresses looked wonderful on the day we wore them.

I know that I had one sewing machine after learning to sew on the old black, straight stitch only, no reverse Singer but I don’t remember the details of that machine. I do remember that it wasn’t new and the thread tangled up a lot. I finally traded it in for a used Singer Touch and Sew. What an upgrade! I could sew in reverse, zig zag and it even had cams for decorative stitching! I had two little girls by then and I had the time of my life sewing custom ruffled dresses and little jumpers. I even designed and tailored matching mother – daughter jumpers.

I used that Touch and Sew for almost 20 years until I wore out the parts and the needle would no longer stay in the middle. The repair shop told me that it could not be fixed because the metal had worn away. Even then I used it for a couple more years, just compensating for the off-center needle position.

In 2002, I decided it was time to retire the old Touch N Sew that no longer stayed aligned. I guess I should mention that along the way, I had acquired two sergers. They worked great for finishing seams and I kept one threaded with black thread, and one with white. I went to the sewing machine store that had been cleaning and fixing my machines and began to look around. What a difference! There were so many machines and they did so many things!

I really was looking for a basic machine that perhaps had a few more built in stitches than my previous machine. I looked at some machines that did embroidery in addition to sewing, but they were in the several thousand dollar price range, and even though I had saved quite a while for a new machine, I had not saved that much!

Finally, I settled on a lightly used Janome 5700 for just under a thousand dollars. This machine does both sewing and embroidery. It was several generations behind the newest embroidery machine that Janome had out at the time, but I figured that the only thing I would want to embroider would be my logo on some shirts. That way, my new sewing machine would be a tax deduction! *grin*

I used the Janome 5700 for a couple of years. The only frustrating thing about using it, is that I can’t do any other sewing while I wait for it to embroider. A small design like my logo takes a good 20 minutes to stitch out, and all I do is change the thread when it needs a new color. At first, I purchased a little travel machine, but that really didn’t meet my needs.

In 2004, I purchased a Janome 300E. All this machine does is embroidery, it costs less than a combination machine, and I put it to work! I joined two online groups www.embroideryDK.com and www.artisticthreadworks.com where I could download all the designs I wanted and now, I could sew on the 5700 while the 300E makes designs.