Sewing Classes

Fall 2022 Sewing Classes

I am excited to be getting ready for our fourth year of sewing classes!! This year, I have a mixture of daytime children’s classes in my home classroom  and private adult lessons.  Check my calendar page to see when the classes are scheduled or send me a text to get started with private lessons The daytime classes will be similar to last year, but with a few more options.  Here is what to expect.
  • Small class size.
    • Kids classes will have no more than 5 beginner students per class,
  • Everyone works at their own pace.
    • I don’t want anyone to worry about keeping up with others or slowing things down. The beauty of the small class size is that I can help each student individually as they need it. Often more advanced students will be happy to help a beginner.
  • You get to choose projects or books that you are interested in. 
    • First year students will work through projects that are designed to build up sewing skills, after that you can select projects that interest you. Look below for a list of courses you can take.
  • Classes are 1 hour long.
    • I find this is the perfect amount of time for young people to focus on learning a new skill. If one hour is not long enough for you, you have the option of signing up for two classes in a row, and sewing for 2 hours.
  • You don’t need a sewing machine.
    • I have machines in my classroom, along with all the tools you will need. Scissors, pins, rulers, chalk, etc.
There is a $45 registration fee due at sign-up which will cover the cost of the student’s binder. Each binder includes 6 to 8 projects. Select your Tuition from the following options:
    • Three Tuition plans.
      • Basic Tuition – $65/month
        • Students use classroom machines and tools but provide their own materials including fabric, thread, elastic, ribbons, interfacing, batting, etc..
      • Basic Plus Tuition – $75/month
        • Students still get to shop for their own fabric & trims but can freely use zippers, buttons, ribbons, interfacing, elastic, batting, & thread on their projects in class.
      • Full Tuition – $85/month.
        • Everything needed for course projects will be provided, including fabric and trims.