Sewing Classes

Fall 2021 Sewing Classes

I am excited to be getting ready for our third year of sewing classes!!

This year, I have a mixture of daytime classes in my home classroom and evening classes at NOBLE Adult Education (NACE).  Check my calendar page to see when the classes are scheduled and links to sign up for the NACE classes.

The daytime classes will be similar to last year, but with a few more options.  Here is what to expect.

  • Small class size.
    • Kids classes will have no more than 4 beginner students per class, adult classes, no more than 6, but probably only 4 as well.
  • Everyone works at their own pace.
    • I don’t want anyone to worry about keeping up with others or slowing things down. The beauty of the small class size is that I can help each student individually as they need it. Often more advanced students will be happy to help a beginner.
  • You get to choose projects or books that you are interested in. 
    • First year students will work through projects that are designed to build up sewing skills, after that you can select projects that interest you. Look below for a list of courses you can take.
  • Classes are 1 hour long.
    • I find this is the perfect amount of time for young people to focus on learning a new skill. If one hour is not long enough for you, you have the option of signing up for two classes in a row, and sewing for 2 hours.
  • You don’t need a sewing machine.
    • I have machines in my classroom, along with all the tools you will need. Scissors, pins, rulers, chalk, etc.
  • Three Tuition plans.
    • Basic Tuition – $65/month
      • Students use classroom machines and tools but provide their own materials including fabric, thread, elastic, ribbons, interfacing, batting, etc..
    • Basic Plus Tuition – $75/month
      • Students still get to shop for their own fabric & trims but can freely use zippers, buttons, ribbons, interfacing, elastic, batting, & thread on their projects in class.
    • Full Tuition – $85/month.
      • Everything needed for course projects will be provided, including fabric and trims.